Our Mission

Our Mission

Cabarrus Time Savers is a non-profit organization that has set out to identify and restore important public time pieces in our community. We consider tower and street clocks to be an important part of our history, in Cabarrus County. For many decades, people planned their day to day lives around clocks in the public eye. We are dedicated to preserving, repairing, and restoring these clocks.

The purpose of this blog is to bring you history of our local horology, news of our current projects, and provide a means to communicate with the community when we need help with historical facts and locating clocks and missing parts for these clocks.

If there is a clock in the community that you feel is important to our history that may need to be repaired or that may even be missing and would be important to locate and put in place, please reach out to us.

Scott Schmeiser

Friday, May 12, 2017

Purchase Record Found

After months of searching, I finally came across the purchase record for the A.S. Hotchkiss clock in the Cabarrus County Courthouse.  The mystery is solved and it tells us a lot more about the clock.  The clock was purchased by the Architect of the courthouse, George S.H. Appleget, who was based out of Charlotte, NC.  The big thing that threw me for a loop was the clock not being a model 6A, which it must be EXTREMELY close to.  Now I have to research their numbering system.  I'm assuming the overall function and design will be the same as the 6A, but with some minor difference like the pendulum bob and a small step in the frame top, or possibly even that it was designed for the bell to sit below instead of above.  In any case, I do believe this to be the correct purchase record.  Now to learn more about their numbering system.

NOTICE!  This photo may not be used or reproduced in any manner and should not be considered an official document.  This photo is a clipping of the Seth Thomas records provided by NAWCC.

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