Our Mission

Our Mission

Cabarrus Time Savers is a non-profit organization that has set out to identify and restore important public time pieces in our community. We consider tower and street clocks to be an important part of our history, in Cabarrus County. For many decades, people planned their day to day lives around clocks in the public eye. We are dedicated to preserving, repairing, and restoring these clocks.

The purpose of this blog is to bring you history of our local horology, news of our current projects, and provide a means to communicate with the community when we need help with historical facts and locating clocks and missing parts for these clocks.

If you would like to donate to our restoration funds please send check or money order to:

Cabarrus Time Savers

P.O. Box 1094

Concord, NC 28026

If there is a clock in our community that you feel is important or that may even be missing, please reach out to us.

Thank you!
Scott Schmeiser

NOTE: The pictures on this site, unless otherwise stated, are the property of Cabarrus Time Savers and are not to be reused without written permission from Cabarrus Time Savers.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

More Removal Photos

Here's some more action photos from Monty Eudy and from my phone. 

Ready for disassembly

Time to get the glass dials out that are not original to the building.  They will be replaced with new translucent dials that will visually look era correct for an 1876 Seth Thomas installation.

Removing the hands and motion works from each dial face so they can be packed up.

With the dials out, there was a pretty decent cross-breeze to cool us down.

The courthouse looks a little different without the dials.

Time to start disassembly 

Bubble wrapping all the fragile parts.

With the legs off, we mounted the chassis bed to an old pair of water skis.  Phil gets full credit for this clever idea!  It worked great!

The first hurdle was the steep steps from the dial room down to the belfry platform.  They are as steep as they look.

Ropes and rigging helped us get all the parts down slowly snd safely. 

Finally, the fifth and final set of stairs down to the main levels of the courthouse.  From here it was down to the ground level floor and out to the trucks.

More updates to come!  With the parts of the clock out, we can finally start the restoration process.

Stay tuned!

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Clock Is Out - A Long Time Coming

On Saturday, August 25th, we successfully removed the Hotchkiss/Seth Thomas clock from the historic Cabarrus County Courthouse.  Everything went off without a hitch.  We are very excited!

I will post more pictures as I can get them.  In the mean time, here is the small group of us that got it taken apart and brought down piece by piece.  Thank you Monty Eudy for taking pictures along the way and of course we'll never forget you carrying that 110 pound pendulum bob down 3 flights of stairs.

Additional thanks to Phil Wright of the Tower Clock Company for coming down for the extraction, and of course Josh Weaver for volunteering to help do some heavy lifting and run to his house to do some quick carpentry.

Stay tuned!

Left to right
Monty Eudy, Phil Wright, Josh Weaver, Scott Schmeiser

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Seth Thomas - Hotchkiss 12A - Pre Restoration Pics

With the removal of the historic Cabarrus Courthouse clock quickly approaching, here are some additional pictures to show the current condition.  This is going to be an exciting and challenging restoration, but another piece of history will be brought back to life.

(NOTE:  These pictures are the property of Cabarrus Time Savers and are not to be reused with out written permission from Cabarrus Time Savers.)

Monday, August 6, 2018

Coltrane-Webb Elementary School Clock

Another clock in our community that hasn't functioned for many decades is the clock mounted on the side of Coltrane-Webb Elementary School, in the historic district of Concord.  The school was built in the 1940's and the clock appears to be original to its construction.  However, the clock, an electric clock, has not functioned since possibly the 1960's.  We're still trying to find someone that can account for the last time it actually worked.

After reaching out to Timothy Taylor, principal of Coltrane-Webb, we found that there was a common interest to restore the clock and have it functioning again.  A couple of us form Cabarrus Time Savers met with Mr. Taylor and were pleased to find a great deal of enthusiasm towards the idea of restoring the clock.  Cabarrus Time Savers will help Mr. Taylor the best we can to get this clock going in.  Coltrane-Webb is a STEM school, and the process will be documented for educational purposes for the students.  Tim's motivation to have it functional to represent his school is refreshing, in a time where people are so quick to discard and destroy historic details like this.

The plan for this clock is to restore all the original existing salvageable components, remake missing numerals, and replace the removed/missing electric movement that drives the clock.

Here are some pictures of the clock before and after removal.  The hands are cast aluminum, as are the numerals.  The shafts are steel and ride in a cast iron mounting plate that would be greased.  The drive shafts appear to have been cut off flush with the inside wall surface, where the motor/movement was mounted.

Paint Recovery Updates

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