Our Mission

Our Mission

Cabarrus Time Savers is a non-profit organization that has set out to identify and restore important public time pieces in our community. We consider tower and street clocks to be an important part of our history, in Cabarrus County. For many decades, people planned their day to day lives around clocks in the public eye. We are dedicated to preserving, repairing, and restoring these clocks.

The purpose of this blog is to bring you history of our local horology, news of our current projects, and provide a means to communicate with the community when we need help with historical facts and locating clocks and missing parts for these clocks.

If you would like to donate to our restoration funds please send check or money order to:

Cabarrus Time Savers

P.O. Box 1094

Concord, NC 28026

If there is a clock in our community that you feel is important or that may even be missing, please reach out to us.

Thank you!
Scott Schmeiser

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Allen McDonald - THANK YOU!

This restoration project has brought to light quite a few personalities and stories.  My favorite so far to date, is the day that Allen McDonald sent me an email saying that he had held on to some parts from the clock so they wouldn't be destroyed, back in 1977.  He even had the pendulum.  It seems Allen was the last one to get this clock working and his passion kept it from being gutted and destroyed during a period when the Historic Courthouse's fate was a bit in question.

The clock is still missing many brass/bronze parts and was missing many cast iron parts.  Because these parts were kept and stored all these years, we're missing a whole lot less.  Allen McDonald deserves a giant THANK YOU from our community and I appreciate him and his forethought to hold on to the parts he had so one day they could help in the restoration of this clock.

Thank you Allen!

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